Use Cases

Executive reporting and monitoring

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Executive reporting and monitoring

Executives often struggle to measure the effectiveness of their software supply chain security program due to a lack of relevant, real-time data that can be easily aggregated to show overall trends and patterns. 

This lack of proper reporting and monitoring capabilities can lead to gaps in coverage, scaling difficulties, and resource prioritisation challenges. Xygeni’s reporting and monitoring capabilities provide:

Real-Time Data Tracking

Xygeni Scanner and Sensor monitor all aspects of the software supply chain in real time, providing a clear view of the current state of operations. One of our critical features is the ability to deliver real-time alerts and notifications about potential issues or anomalies.


Comprehensive Reporting

Our reporting capabilities include reports on compliance status, security threats, suspicious activities, and overall supply chain security posture. The dashboards allow stakeholders to focus on specific aspects according to their needs.


Trend Analysis & Insights

Analytics dashboards offer insights into trends and patterns within the software supply chain. They identify potential risks and issues based on these trends, enabling proactive measures.


Executive Dashboards

The Web UI provides easy-to-understand dashboards summarising key performance indicators (KPIs) and other essential metrics for executives. These dashboards present a quick overview of the software supply chain’s status and its security posture, enabling executives to assess the situation and make informed decisions quickly.


Integration with other systems

Xygeni platform easily integrates with other data and corporate monitoring systems in the organisation, such as SOCs, data lakes and other  CI/CD systems, ticketing systems, compliance management systems, and risk management platforms. This integration ensures a unified view of the software supply chain, reducing data silos and providing accurate and comprehensive reporting.


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