Use Cases

Prioritised and contextual threat management

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Prioritised and contextual threat management

Security and AppSec teams often find themselves inundated with reports revealing thousands of vulnerabilities, including duplicates and false positives, and lacking the necessary context to determine which ones are genuinely significant. You should focus on mitigating risks impacting your most critical business assets rather than getting caught up in the whirlwind of vulnerabilities.

Existing tools often offer audits of threats, but they fall short of providing specific recommendations or actionable insights. The flood of information without a clear reference point diminishes its value and heightens risk. The prioritisation approach of the Xygeni platform enables: 

Prioritise with actionable insights

Xygeni risk score calculation consolidates several defects into one single actionable item. The issue description and remediation guidelines clarify what has to be done and how to do it.


Threat scoring and discovery

Xygeni allows querying and filtering of threats by scoring, type, stage of the SSC and even a custom classification based on tags. The platform also enables tracking the status of remediation efforts.


Manage risk in Real-Time

Scanners and Sensors notify the teams about any threat or suspicious activity requiring urgent fixes. Xygeni integrates with corporate ticketing and communication tools, ensuring real-time risk management.


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