Xygeni ASPM

Application Security Posture Management

Unifying Risk Management from Code to Cloud

Deliver real-time visibility, prioritization, and remediation, simplifying security from code to cloud for your teams

Enhance Security Intelligence

Provides exceptional visibility across source control, CI/CD pipelines, registries, and cloud environments, protecting applications from development to deployment.

Target Top Vulnerabilities

Focus on the critical 1% of vulnerabilities, prioritized by severity and your specific criteria. This reduces developer alerts by up to 90%, ensuring attention is directed to what matters most.

Optimize Security Workflows

Block vulnerabilities, unsafe code, and risky configurations from entering your pipeline, quickly reducing security debt and minimizing manual tasks.

Xygeni ASPM's Capabilities and Functionalities

Simplify Risk Management

Consolidate, evaluate, and manage all risks and vulnerabilities in a single platform, improving your application security posture.
ASPM - Simplify Risk Management​
ASPM Inventory All SDLC Assets​

Inventory All Your SDLC Assets

Discover and catalog all your software assets, including repositories, teams, packages, and DevOps infrastructure based on their business importance automatically.

Prioritize and Remediate Risks Strategically

Prioritize risks based on vulnerability, exploitability, severity, proximity to production, business impact and other context attributes, and respond from a single dashboard.
ASPM Funnel
Xygeni ASPM Remediation screen

Facilitate Remediation for Developers

Embed contextual guardrails into developer environments and CI/CD pipelines to prevent risks progressing to production.

Integrate your AppSec tools

Combine Xygeni's built-in security scanners with your existing appsec tools for smooth data ingestion from your favorite SAST, SCA, and more.
ASPM Integration AppSec tools​
ASPM Audit All Activity and Security Events​

Audit All Activity and Security Events

Provides detailed timeline analysis of risks and issues throughout the entire SDLC for easy identification of the root causes of the incident.

Unifying Risk Management from Code to Cloud

with Xygeni ASPM Security