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Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security Product Brief

Securing your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is essential in software development because misconfigurations and vulnerabilities can seriously harm your systems and give hackers opportunities to attack. Xygeni’s IaC security tools help prevent these issues before they become problems, reducing the risk of data exposure and cutting down on expensive fixes...


Xygeni Platform Overview: End-to-end Software Development and Delivery Security

Xygeni’s unique capabilities provide complete visibility in the software supply chain, enabling a systematic process for assessing the risks associated with their software supply chain, identifying and prioritizing the most critical components, and evaluating and improving their global and detailed security posture at an effective and efficient effort ...


Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) Product Brief

Xygeni’s Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) helps address these challenges by integrating accurate proprietary scanning with advanced prioritization capabilities. By considering context information such as asset relationships, severity, exploitability, exposure, business impact, and other customer-defined criteria, Xygeni reduces unnecessary noise...


Open Source Security Product Brief

Xygeni’s Open Source Security solution is essential. It scans and blocks harmful packages upon publication, dramatically reducing the risk of malware and vulnerabilities infiltrating your systems. Our comprehensive monitoring spans multiple public registries, ensuring all dependencies are scrutinized for safety and integrity. Xygeni also enhances your team’s ability...

Secrets Security Resources

Secrets Security Product Brief

Xygeni Secrets Security acts as your reliable protector, designed to prevent the leakage of critical secrets like passwords, API keys, and tokens. As cyber threats constantly evolve, it’s vital to have a solution that not only detects but actively prevents leakages before they lead to a breach. Xygeni enables your teams to work with confidence, ensuring that your development secrets are kept secure...


Software Supply Chain Security (SSCS) Product Brief

The frequency and impact of software supply chain attacks have surged, emphasizing the need for stringent CI/CD security. Recent statistics reveal a staggering 742% increase in such attacks from 2019 to 2022, with forecasts suggesting that 45% of organizations will be affected by 2025. ..


Anomaly Detection Product Brief

Xygeni’s Anomaly Detection platform provides an additional layer of security by continuously monitoring and analyzing activities within your SCM and CI/CD infrastructure to identify and respond to unusual behavior quickly. Xygeni detects anomalies that indicate unauthorized modifications, access, or exploitations in real time. This proactive approach ensures ...