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Infrastructure as Code Security

Infrastructure as Code use source code under version control to automatically provision IT and cloud infrastructure. Ensure correct and properly configured IaC templates to avoid replicating security vulnerabilities on a large scale.

IaC misconfigurations detection

Xygeni protects the IaC by providing thorough code analysis and policy enforcement. Our scanners analyse IaC templates, files, and variables for misconfigurations, insecure defaults, or security policy violations to ensure secure infrastructure deployment. 

Embedded IaC security coverage

Through the integration into CI/CD tools, Xygeni enforces cloud security best practices at the source. Xygeni supports a wide range of IaC frameworks like Terraform, CloudFormation, Kubernetes, and more.

Prevent IaC misconfigurations from going to production

Our comprehensive library of detectors covers flaws from the simplest Dockerfile to the most complex Azure Resource Manager configuration. This facilitates integrating our solution into any existing DevSecOps workflows and implementing IaC security guardrails.