Xygeni Secrets Security

Keep Safe Your Development Lifecycle

Detect any kind of secret and avoid commit new ones along your software development lifecycle

Secure Every Code Stage

Scan for leaks in files, images, and repositories from pre-commit to production to ensure complete protection.

Prioritize At-Risk Secrets

Remove noise and save developer time prioritizing and addressing active, exploitable, and hard-coded secrets.

Tailored Remediation

Assign remediation of exposed secrets directly to code owners and provides actionable guidance to accelerate the process

Xygeni Secrets Security's Capabilities and Functionalities

Scan the Entire SDLC for Comprehensive Protection

Identify exposed secrets in real-time across platforms, file types, configurations, container images, and repositories.

Scan entire Git histories and perform differential scans against previous baselines to detect new or removed secrets.

Assess Full Visibility for Continuous Security

Evaluate the impact of leakage incidents and policy violations. Continuously track secret exposure trends and monitor team performance.

Prioritize Critical Vulnerabilities by Context

Prioritize critical vulnerabilities using context-based severity, focusing on factors such as secret type, frequency, location, and validity for a more effective security strategy.

Empower Developers to Fix Issues Quickly

Assign and track risk resolutions in Xygeni or systems like Jira allowing developers to resolve their own incidents efficiently.

Block Leaks with Immediate Feedback

Stop secrets leak with automated secret scanning within the git workflow. Use pre-commit and pre-push hooks for early detection, and configure settings to block or flag commits containing secrets.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting

Continuous monitor for secret leaks and immediate alert through platforms like email and Slack to enable swift and decisive action.

Keep Safe Your Development Lifecycle

with Xygeni Secrets Security