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Open Source Malware Protection

Despite the critical role of OSS, its integration is fraught with security challenges. Recent reports highlight a surge in malware attacks targeting OSS, with incidents rising by 633% in 2022 and continuing to grow by 245% in 2023. Traditional security measures, which rely heavily on identifying known vulnerabilities through Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), are proving insufficient. These measures often involve delays in vulnerability reporting, limited coverage, and an inability to detect sophisticated and zero- day threats...

How Xygeni Supports DORA Implementation

DORA Digital Operational Resilience Act sets rigorous standards to improve the operational resilience of the financial sector across the European Union. As your organization prepares for DORA compliance by January 2025, understanding its requirements and implementing the right solutions is critical and Xygeni can help you out. Xygeni offers a set of cutting-edge solutions tailored to ensure comprehensive compliance with the DORA framework. Our platform will enhance your institution’s capabilities in risk management ...


Software Supply Chain Security: Understanding Supply Chain Attacks

Software supply chain attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent and devastating, with Gartner predicting that 45% of all businesses will experience a breach by 2025. Cybersecurity Ventures further underscores the gravity of this threat, projecting a staggering $138 billion in annual damages caused by software supply chain attacks by 2031.These alarming forecasts highlight the urgent need for organizations to prioritize their SSCS. Learn how!

Software Supply Chain Security Retrospect: Shaping a safer 2024

Unlock key insights into the evolving landscape of Software Supply Chain Security. Dive into the challenges, threats, and anticipated trends of 2024 – your guide to navigating the complex web of cybersecurity. Outstanding Facts in Numbers: Discover the numerical landscape of software supply chain security – facts that illustrate the gravity of the situation. Evolution of Bad Actors...


Navigating the Future of Software Supply Chain Security: A NIST SP 800-204D Perspective

Our comprehensive whitepaper delves into the intricacies of NIST SP 800-204D for Comprehensive SSCS Practices and their significance in today’s software development environment. Through this insightful guide, you will gain valuable knowledge on how to leverage NIST guidelines to: Strengthen Software Supply Chain Security,...