Digital Operational Resilience Act

DORA Implementation by Xygeni

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Discover how Xygeni Supports DORA Digital Operational Resilience Act

Strengthen Your Financial Institution's Digital Resilience - DORA Implementation

Introduction to DORA Compliance

DORA Digital Operational Resilience Act sets rigorous standards to improve the operational resilience of the financial sector across the European Union. As your organization prepares for DORA compliance by January 2025, understanding its requirements and implementing the right solutions is critical and Xygeni can help you out.

Why Xygeni?

Xygeni offers a set of cutting-edge solutions tailored to ensure comprehensive compliance with the DORA framework. Our platform will  enhance your institution’s capabilities in risk management, incident reporting, and ICT risk mitigation—key pillars of the  Digital Operational Resilience Act. With Xygeni’s DORA implementation, you’ll see how easy and quick you can simplify compliance!

Key Features of Xygeni’s DORA Support:

Detailed Insights and Compliance Guidance

Make sure your financial services are not only compliant but also capable of thriving under the new regulations. Download our Whitepaper on DORA implementation today!


You can also reach out and take a look at how our specialized software can pave the way for compliance and improve your operational resilience significantly!

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