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Do you need ASPM in your life? Strengthen your Cybersecurity Practices!

Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) is gaining traction day by day. However, its specific functionalities might not be entirely clear for everybodySecure your spot now! Join our SafeDev Talk “Do you need ASPM in your life?” with cybersecurity experts James Berthoty, William Palm and Luis Garcia to explore the potential of ASPM as a holistic application security solution and keep empowering your organization!


RSA Conference 2024 | Webinar On Cybersecurity Trends

You were not able to make it to the RSA Conference 2024 in San Francisco? No problem! Watch our exclusive webinar and get ahead of some of the most critical trends in cybersecurity, from changes in CISO roles to leading cyber-defense state-of-the-art developments—all at your desk. In this webinar, you will deep dive into the most updated insights and strategies that the cybersecurity world has to offer!


Keys to a Secure CI/CD: a Webinar with an OWASP Focus

Join Luis Rodríguez, CTO of Xygeni, and Luis Manuel García, Sales Support Manager, in this Webinar about Secure CI/CD. Learn from our experts how to adopt OWASP best practices to strengthen the security of your CI/CD and protect your software supply chain. Protect your CI/CD and software supply chain with OWASP. They will talk about Inventory and Analysis, CI/CD Risks, Detection and Prevention among many other things!


Demystifying SBOM Security - Conquering Software Supply Chain Complexity

Join us for "Demystifying SBOM Security," where cybersecurity experts Jennifer Cox, Santosh Kamane and Jesus Cuadrado will reveal the importance of SBOM in enhancing software quality, and security, and ensuring compliance. This webinar is essential for gaining knowledge on how to secure your software supply chain effectively. Learn how easily you can empower Your Software Security Posture!


[External Resource] Neuco's The Cyber Security Matters Podcast on Software Supply Chain Security With Luis Rodríguez

Listen to Neuco's The Cyber Security Matters Podcast episode on "The new challenge in software security: how to keep devops running while not falling under supply chain attacks" with Luis Rodriguez, CTO at Xygeni, and explore the changing challenges of securing the software supply chain.


Exploring the Horizon: Dive into the essential insights and predictions for SSCS in 2024.

Thoughtworks, Codurance and Xygeni experts will share their insights on Software Supply Chain Security in 2024. Elevate your security posture and safeguard your business’s reputation and continuity. Are you ready for the evolution of Software Supply Chain Security in 2024?


Episode 2: Best practices for CI/CD protection from OWASP perspective

Join this second episode of the CI/CD webinars featuring Luis Rodríguez, CTO, and co-founder of Xygeni, and Luis Manuel García, Sales Support Manager. In this session, we will explore the “blue team” perspective of CI/CD security, diving deep into actionable steps organizations can take to enhance their security posture ...

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Episode 1: CI/CD Security webinars series From new attack tactics to protection strategies

In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, the security of your software supply chain is more critical than ever. As new attack tactics emerge, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve and arm yourself with the latest protection strategies In this webinar, Luis Rodriguez will guide you ...