Secure CI/CD
Keys to a Secure CI/CD: Webinar with an OWASP Focus

Protecting Your Software Supply Chain

Luis Rodriguez

CTO & Co-founder at Xygeni

Luis García

Supply Chain Security Engineer at Xygeni

Join Luis Rodríguez, CTO of Xygeni, and Luis Manuel García, Sales Support Manager, in this new Webinar about Secure CI/CD!

Learn from our experts how to adopt OWASP best practices to strengthen the security of your CI/CD and protect your software supply chain.

In This Event About Secure CI/CD We Will Talk About:

Don't miss this unique opportunity to:

Protect your CI/CD and software supply chain with OWASP. Watch it now!



Jesús Cuadrado

Chief Product Officer
at Xygeni


Luis Garcia

Supply Chain Security Engineer
at Xygeni


Luis rodriguez

co-founder & CTO
at Xygeni