Xygeni Open Source Security

Minimize Open-Source Risk and Keep you Application Safe From Malicious Packages

Prioritize the vulnerabilities that actually matter and know in real time if your dependencies incorporates malicious code

Know your Dependencies

Identify Open Source dependencies across all types of software, source code or containers whether they are direct, indirect or undeclared.

Find Any Vulnerability

Identify and remediate security, maintenance, and licensing issues in application dependencies before deploying your software.

Identify Malicious Code

Detect suspicious code sections and patterns exploited by attackers upon publication of new and updated dependencies.

Focus on Critical Open Source Risks

Prioritize vulnerabilities with the greatest business impact, and manage risks with context-based risk scoring and traceability from code to cloud.

Xygeni Open Source Security's Capabilities and Functionalities

Find All Your Dependencies

Identify the applications’ composition and all associated dependencies to effectively manage risks in direct and transitive dependencies and post-build artifacts.

Track Vulnerabilities Automatically

Receive updates on newly identified vulnerabilities through your reporting channels, or block them ensuring you stay protected and informed before going into production.

Expand Open Source Security Beyond CVEs

Incorporates additional risk factors beyond just CVSS scores, preventing the integration of packages that may be CVE-free but still risky.

Manage License Risk

Gain instant visibility into potential open source license issues affecting regulatory compliance with each code change and prevent penalties.

Detect Malicious Dependencies in Real-Time

Analyze thousands of new and updated open source packages every day to instantly detect and block zero-day malware and protect your application and infrastructure.

Block Malware Proactively

Raise early warnings for suspicious packages, placing them in quarantine to safeguard your supply chain and support implementing guardrails to block infiltration into your application.

Prioritize SCA Without the Noise

Contextualize open source vulnerabilities with their business importance, internet exposure, exploitability, and other context criterias, simplifying alerts and saving time for security and development teams.

Simplify Remediation Workflows

Support open source vulnerability remediation by providing developers with all necessary context, directly within their workflows and issue tracking tools for efficient operations.

Generate SBOM and VDR for DevOps Compliance

Export an up-to-date Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) in SPDX or CycloneDX formats with one-click, and easily share and annotate vulnerabilities impacting your application.
Generate SBOM

Minimize Open-Source Risk and Keep you Application Safe From Malicious Packages

with Xygeni Open Source Security