Simplify Risk Management with an ASPM Platform

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Deliver real-time visibility, prioritization, and remediation with an ASPM Platform

Help your teams visualize, prioritize, and remediate risks more effectively with Xygeni’s ASPM Tool. Simplify software security by providing real-time visibility and context, ensuring your applications are protected throughout the entire development lifecycle, from development to delivery.

It is a fact that security alerts usually flood organizations. Nearly half receive over 10,000 alerts daily, and over half of those are false positives. This leads to alert fatigue and undermines confidence in security systems. Reduce unnecessary noise, cutting down alerts by up to 90% with our ASPM platform now!

ASPM Inventory All SDLC Assets​

Unify Risk Management from Code to Cloud with an ASPM Platform

Enhance Security Intelligence with ASPM

Optimize Security Workflows

Remediate Vulnerabilities Efficiently

Xygeni's ASPM Tool Capabilities and Functionalities

Automated Asset Discovery and Inventory Management

Xygeni's ASPM tool automates the identification and cataloging of every asset within your software supply chain, improving visibility and control over your development and deployment processes. It automatically identifies and continuously monitors all assets, assessing their interdependencies and the individual/overall security posture

Users and Contributors Analysis

Easily manage administrative users, contributors, and collaborators associated with software repositories in order to achieve the least privilege approach . Our ASPM platform includes features such as: comprehensive permissions review, group and user tracking and non-SCM contributors

Dependency Mapping and Representation

Improve your understanding of your software asset dependencies. Xygeni's ASPM Tool comprehensive and pivotal graphs illustrating the connections between all assets within your projects, from code to cloud, are going to help you identify potential risk propagation paths and vulnerability exploit points within your systems

Advanced Dynamic Prioritization

With Xygeni's ASPM Platform you can define up to eight stages in the ranking funnel, tailored not only by severity but also by issue type and category. This flexible feature ensures that each organization can focus on the vulnerabilities that pose the highest risk according to their specific security policies and operational needs. Refine your security focus further and manage vulnerabilities more effectively!

Audit Trail of Security Events

Xygeni's ASPM Platform includes a robust security audit trail feature that provides a comprehensive and detailed timeline of events associated with each asset like: event logging, comprehensive coverage, easy access and visualization & enhanced security and compliance

Quick and Efficient Remediation Process

Optimized remediation process by providing detailed guidelines and automated actions for addressing risks and vulnerabilities. Xygeni's ASPM Tool offers clear, actionable steps tailored to each specific issue, enabling quick and effective resolutions

Integration of Third-Party Security Reports

Integrate reports from third-party security tools, including SAST and SCA tools. Leverage your existing technology stack and have a view of all the security threats across different tools and platforms. Benefits of integrating with our ASPM tool? Unified security dashboard, enhanced threat detection, efficient remediation and much more!

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Unify Risk Management from from Development to Delivery

with an ASPM Tool