Use Cases

Asset discovery, inventory and security posture classification

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Asset discovery, inventory and security posture classification

This process is crucial as it helps organisations to overcome the challenge of staying updated in today’s fast-paced world of CI/CD agility and cloud infrastructure. The absence of a precise security posture and proper prioritisation leaves organisations with numerous managed assets without a clear focus. Various detectors can also classify the same asset as insecure, adding to confusion and noise.

Xygeni provides a holistic view of an organisation’s security posture by integrating multiple security detectors and filters. Our one-stop solution allows for continuous asset discovery, issues scanning, and prioritisation of resolution and mitigation plans.

Xygeni’s capabilities include:


Asset Discovery, Inventory & Classification

providing e a dynamic inventory for full asset visibility, including business criticality, risk context, and detection of security gaps.


Asset Classification And Security Posture

based on a risk scoring automatically adjusted based on the environment, threats, resolution and business criticality.


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