Xygeni Malicious Code Digest 4: Over 20 packages discovered

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This week, we confirmed over 20 packages flagged as malicious among the thousands of analyzed new packages and updates published in the open-source package registries. 

Xygeni Malicious Code Digest

In the latest Xygeni Malicious Code Digest, we have highlighted over 20 malicious packages that infiltrated the npm registry. This breach reveals a significant vulnerability within the software supply chain ecosystem.

Total of Maliocus NPM Packages Detected

🚨 (npm) @pocdz/crm-components:3.23.0

🚨 (npm) barrio_sass:8.4.1

🚨 (npm) cta-onboard-express:2.0.0

🚨 (npm) editor-languages:1.0.1

🚨 (npm) editor-languages:1.0.3

🚨 (npm) editor-languages:1.0.4

🚨 (npm) fury-sites:1.11.6

🚨 (npm) income_access_npm_config:1.0.0

🚨 (npm) input-fns:1.0.3

🚨 (npm) link-ui-i20n:1.0.0

🚨 (npm) link-ui-i21n:1.0.0

🚨 (npm) link-ui-i22n:1.0.0

🚨 (npm) link-ui-i23n:1.0.0

🚨 (npm) link-ui-i24n:1.0.0

🚨 (npm) looleh-ts:9.9.9

🚨 (npm) skinport-rest-docs:0.0.1

🚨 (npm) syfadis.experience:1.0.0

🚨 (npm) system-info-sender:2.0.3

🚨 (npm) tcm-app-migration-miles-react:1.0.0

🚨 (npm) this-will-fail:1.0.1

🚨 (npm) walkme-killer:1.0.0


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Xygeni Early Malicious Code Detection supports you by automatically analyzing any new or updated open-source package. We notify you as soon as we detect any suspicious evidence of malware and add the dependency to a blacklist so you can halt the automatic build or delivery of your application before any infection risks.

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