Xygeni Webinar: Best practices for CI/CD protection from OWASP perspective

CI/CD Security Webinar episode 2 is here!

Did you know that, according to Gartner, nearly half of all enterprises will experience a software supply chain attack by 2025?
In our latest episode “Best practices for CI/CD protection from OWASP perspective”, we are diving deep into the world of CI/CD security from the “blue team” viewpoint, arming you with the best practices to reduce risk and fortify your security posture.
Our CTO Luis Rodriguez, and Pre-Sales Manager Luis Manuel García, will show how enterprises can strengthen their security posture concerning key components such as their CI/CD system from OWASP’s perspective.

What You Will Learn

  • The importance of conducting a comprehensive inventory of CI/CD systems and assessing past incidents to improve Software Supply Chain Security.
  • Specific CI/CD security risks, including the concept of poisoned pipeline execution (PPE), and practical examples illustrating how attackers can manipulate the build process.
  • How misconfigurations in the pipeline can lead to unauthorized access to secrets and sensitive data, highlighting the need for proper protection and detection measures.
  • The significance of implementing proactive security measures, such as maintaining the principle of least privilege and configuring branch protection rules on critical branches.
  • Valuable insights into CI/CD security best practices and the role of automation and security tools, like the Xygeni platform, in enhancing the security posture of CI/CD systems and protecting software supply chains.

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This webinar is part of our CI/CD Security Webinar series. If you missed our first episode, you can access it here: “From new attack tactics to CI/CD protection strategies”.

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