Use Cases

CI/CD Workflow Automation

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CI/CD Workflow Automation

Integrating security measures into your software pipeline is essential in preventing the accumulation of security debt and automatically blocking threats in your products. This approach treats security as an integral part of the development process rather than an afterthought.

This integration can be done in several points to completely integrate with each organisation preferred way of working:

Local execution through Git hooks

Customers can automate the execution of Xygeni scans every time specific actions, such as commit or push, are performed to facilitate early detection of potential issues. This way, any potential security issues can be identified and resolved before the code changes are even pushed to the repository. It represents the earliest possible stage of detection.


SCM actions and CI/CD audits

A second option enables the usage of automation capabilities of CI/CD platforms, such as GitHub actions. With every code push or pull request, the automated security tests can be set to run, scrutinising the changes for any potential vulnerabilities. Results are then fed back into the development environment, providing immediate feedback to the developers and empowering them to address and rectify any security concerns in real-time.


CI/CD build mechanism

Finally, automated security testing can be integrated into the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) build mechanisms and workflows. This approach allows for constant vigilance against potential threats throughout the development cycle, significantly reducing the chances of any vulnerabilities entering production. Optionally, if any threats are detected, these mechanisms can halt the build or deployment process, acting as effective guardrails to protect the integrity of the production environment. This proactive approach to security helps maintain a robust defence against Software Supply Chain threats.


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