Continuous Compliance & SBOM

Enforce And Provide Evidence That Security Policies Are Applied Throughout All Stages Of The SDLC.

Continuous Compliance & SBOM

Continuous monitoring of the software artefacts and delivery pipelines consistently enforce that security policies all applied throughout all stages of the SDLC making compliance an integral part of the development process, rather than an add-on.

Develop Your Corporate Security Program

Teams usually ignore company policies or compliance regulations, so they do not consider them when delivering code in production. Xygeni provides out-of-the-box customizable security policies so organizations define security programs that best support their business.

Automate Compliance Audits And Reporting

Organizations are unaware if they truly comply with their corporate programs or the industry standards. Xygeni Platform automates compliance validation and reporting across the full software supply chain and supports passing audits more easily.



Harmonize Security Guidelines With Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Ensure you are meeting necessary regulatory requirements relevant to the organization or industry and adapt to regulatory changes swiftly to ensure complete adherence to  regimes such as CIS, OWASP, OpenSSF and ESF.


See And Download Your SBOM

Provides a comprehensive and simplified view of all components and dependencies in your software supply chain. Xygeni platform generates on-demand the SBOM for each repository in SPDX or Cyclone DX formats.


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