Use Cases

Ensuring product and release integrity and security

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Ensuring product and release integrity and security

Ensuring that only trusted builds reach production is crucial in maintaining the integrity of your software supply chain and the security of all assets in production. 

Xygeni platform demonstrates the software lineage and its integrity understanding the product’s build process, preventing artefact injections, and securely building products by using SBOMs and PBOMs:

Generating a complete Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

for each version of your product, organisations gain an accurate understanding of the foundational code components on which an application is built. It allows for better comprehension of the components used and where potential risks may lie.


Enforcing security policies from cloud to code

it’s possible to identify any unintended components within your builds. Monitoring the real-time actions of insiders and attackers enables the detection of any potential attack on the software supply chain related to unresolved threats. Together ensure that all workloads originate from trusted, secure builds, thereby minimising the risk of malicious actors injecting artefacts.

Exploiting the Product Bill of Materials (PBOM) standard

organisations confirm the security status of each version in production. It allows for blocking artefacts built outside the official pipeline from reaching production, thereby ensuring a secure build process.


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