Open-Source Malware Detection

Identify Questionable Dependencies And Malicious Code That May Compromise Software Projects.

Open-Source Malware Detection

Open source security encompasses elements and dependencies throughout your entire pipeline, requiring a scan beyond your repositories. Xygeni helps to detect and prevent supply-chain attacks by identifying questionable dependencies and malicious code that may compromise a project.


Complete Analysis Throughout The Entire Software Supply Chain

Risks also exist in build files, Jenkins Plugins, GitHub Actions, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates, and beyond. Xygeni uncovers all associated components and enables browsing across your direct and indirect dependencies to respond promptly to high-risk ones.

Understanding Your Dependencies Structure

A clear software component structure supports identifying dependency changes that could introduce harmful or malicious code. Identify and control the location of each package within your projects and applications.


Find And Fix Risky Dependencies

Safeguard your software from attacks targeting dependencies and package managers, such as typosquatting, components with questionable scripts, and other threats, such as components with malicious code. Xygeni reports them and provides actionable recommendations for their remediation.


Developer-Friendly Integration Mechanism

Integrate smoothly with developer workflows to fix policy violations without context switching, enforcing open source security and compliance best practices at scale. At the SCM level, block commits and pull requests or use a pre-commit framework to prevent malware from leaving developers’ workstations.


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