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Protect all Your Open Source Dependencies

Scan and block harmful packages upon publication, dramatically reducing the risk of malware and vulnerabilities infiltrating your systems. Xygeni Open Source Security Tool monitoring spans multiple public registries, ensuring all dependencies are scrutinized for safety and integrity. Also, our OSS Tool is going to enhance your team’s ability to maintain secure and reliable software projects by contextually prioritizing critical issues and facilitating streamlined remediation processes. With over 245k malicious packages detected only during last year, maybe it is time to give it a shoot!

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Secure Your Open Source Dependencies against Vulnerabilities and Malicious Code

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Xygeni OSS Tool Capabilities and Functionalities

Comprehensive Component Identification

Our open source security tool has the advanced capability to precisely identify and catalog every open source component in your software projects. This thorough approach provides complete visibility into your software’s architecture, enabling a detailed assessment of your project's security posture and compliance status. Your team is going to take better decisions by understanding exactly what makes up your software

Strategic Approach for Risk Prioritization with ASPM

Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities that pose the most significant risks to your software projects. By systematically analyzing the severity and potential impact of each identified vulnerability, our open source security tool enables organizations to focus their resources on mitigating the most critical issues first. Experience the power of risk assessment, context-aware prioritization, and customizable risk metrics

Malware Early Detection, Blocking, and Notification

As soon as new packages are published, our oss tool conducts a real-time scan to detect and block malware based on code behavior analysis, alleviating the need for extensive and urgent post-build remediation

Updated and Secure Software

Xygeni OSS tool performs an active monitoring and identification of outdated or obsolete components in your software projects. Using the latest and most secure versions in your projects reduces potential security risks and improves software performance and compatibility

Effective Vulnerability Management

Enhance your software security with continuous scanning and analysis of open-source components for vulnerabilities. By connecting directly with the National Vulnerability Database, other vertical vulnerabilities databases and security advisories, and using Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures information, our open source security tool ensures fast and accurate detection of potential security issues to protect your software applications promptly and efficiently

Simplified Open Source Licensing

Navigate the complexities of open source licensing easily. Our scanning capabilities assess each component's license, helping your team avoid legal issues and ensure compliance with both organizational policies and external regulations. With Xygeni's OSS Tool, you can confidently use open source software, knowing that all licensing requirements are met

Advanced Detection of Suspect Open Source Dependencies

Our Suspect Open Source Dependencies Scanner is crucial for identifying and managing suspect dependencies that could be targets for supply-chain attacks. Detect issues such as typo-squatting, dependency confusion, and suspicious installation scripts that may indicate a compromise. Detailed mitigation and remediation strategies are going to be provided to help safely remove or isolate the threat (recommendation included)

Optimized and Accelerated Remediation Workflows

Prioritizing vulnerabilities that pose the highest risk ensures that remediation efforts are concentrated where they are most needed, optimizing resource allocation and reducing the time and effort spent on lower-risk vulnerabilities. Simplify the remediation of open-source vulnerabilities with direct integration into developers' existing workflows and issue-tracking systems

Enhanced Transparency and Compliance with SBOM and VDR Generation

Empower your organization to maintain complete transparency over it's software components with the SBOM generation feature. SBOM facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements and enhances supply chain security by providing a detailed inventory of all software dependencies

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Minimize Open Source Dependency Risks and Keep your Apps Safe From Malicious Packages

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