Software Supply Chain Security Retrospect

Shaping a safer 2024


Unlock key insights into the evolving landscape of SSC with Xygeni's Software Supply Chain Security Retrospect

Dive into the challenges, threats, and anticipated trends of 2024 – your guide to navigating the complex web of cybersecurity.

Key Notes:


  • Outstanding Facts in Numbers: Discover the numerical landscape of software supply chain security – facts that illustrate the gravity of the situation.
  • Evolution of Bad Actors: A summary of how malicious actors evolved in 2023, featuring some of the most prominent attack cases that made headlines.
  • Industry Evolution in Software Security Posture: Insights into how the software industry is maturing in terms of building and deploying secure software.
  • Rise of Standards and Regulations: An exploration of the emerging standards and regulations that are set to shape the software supply chain security landscape in the coming years.
    Role of AI and ML Technologies: An examination of the role played by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies and their modulation of software supply chain security.
  • Glimpse into 2024: Anticipated developments and challenges that the software supply chain security is likely to face in the near future.


Xygeni Security’s in-depth report offers a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and opportunities in software supply chain security. Secure your copy and stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve.


Gain a deep understanding of the threats and trends that shaped software supply chain security in 2023. Be prepared for what 2024 holds!

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