Security Posture Management​


Executive Reporting And Monitoring

Security Posture Management

Xygeni Platform continuously monitor, assess, and manage the security risks within the pipeline, infrastructure and teams to ensure that applications being developed and deployed are secure.

Corporate Policy Management.

Implements uniform governance and security protocols across all your teams and utilities by customising security policies based on recommended practices according to your particular requirements.

Ever-Vigilant Scanning Strategy

Aggregate and view continuous scan results from multiple security detectors in one easy-to-use platform to enable complete visibility and make informed decisions about the security and integrity of software at all stages of the development process


Unified CI/CD Control Plane

One single source of truth for all controls and policies to provide a holistic understanding of the security posture of the organisation and their projects to prioritise risk, find anomalies, and ensure compliance.


Security Posture Trends And Reporting.

Data analytics provides visibility on volume and criticality of risk and impacted applications, and enable tracking of the pace and progress of remediation efforts promoting accountability and efficiency


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