Xygeni Software Supply Chain Security (SSCS)

Optimize Your CI/CD Ecosystem for Robust Protection

Enhance your Software Supply Chain security by optimizing tool configuration, identifying gaps, reducing attack exposure, decreasing false positives, and minimizing the risk of unnoticed security drift

Enhance Visibility and Security Across Your CI/CD Pipeline

Monitor your CI pipeline to block supply chain attacks and maintain continuous tracking of CI/CD security policies, configurations, and governance.

Verify Build Integrity

Ensure the authenticity of software artifacts by confirming their source and verifying that they have not been tampered with.

Standardize Compliance Across Products and Pipelines

Ensure compliance with standards such as CIS, NIST, OpenSSF, or any other software supply chain framework by governing security policies specific to each product or pipeline.

Xygeni SSCS's Capabilities and Functionalities

Enhance CI/CD Pipeline Security

Detect any misconfiguration in tools, configuration files, build scripts and CI/CD pipelines that could lead to unauthorized access, bypass security mechanisms, or compromise code.
Enhance CI/CD Pipeline Security​
SSCS Integrate Security with Your DevOps Strategy​

Integrate Security with Your DevOps Strategy

Scan each pipeline execution, blocking potential threats early and reducing remediation costs by remediating issues before deployment.

Customize Security Policies for Business-Specific Needs

Optimize your defenses with customizable policies to align with your specific business requirements and varying regulatory environments while balance effective security with delivery agility.
SSCS Customize Policies
SSCS Ensure Secure Software Builds

Ensure Secure Software Builds and Deployments

Generate SLSA provenance and build attestations to enhance integrity validation, verifying signatures of source code, container images, and software artifacts to detect tampering.

Enforce Least Privilege Across All SDLC

Audit SDLC access and enforce least privilege policies to ensure secure configurations, validate access controls, and block unauthorized access.
SSCS Security Health Check

Demonstrate Compliance

Ensure adherence to corporate policies and governance, and to necessary regulatory requirements for your organization like CIS, OWASP, OpenSSF, or ESF.

Optimize Your CI/CD Ecosystem for Robust Protection​

with Xygeni Sofware Supply Chain Security