Malware attacks evolution:
Why is important to detect them and how to do it

Abhilasha Sinha

Solutions Architect Walking Tree Technologies

Luis Rodriguez Berzosa

CTO & Co-founder at Xygeni

Derek Morgan

Exec. Director of Prod. JPMorgan Chase & Co. Derek Fisher

SafeDev Talks on Malware Attacks

Let’s dive deep into malware attacks evolution: p to 90% of modern application code comprises open-source components. This widespread adoption offers numerous benefits, such as cost efficiency, innovation, and flexibility. However, it also introduces significant cybersecurity risks and leaves the door open for malware attacks. Recent reports have shown a staggering 633% increase in malware attacks targeting OSS in 2022, with a further 245% growth in 2023.


The implications of these attacks are severe. For instance, the recent case is the XZ backdoor, which exposed critical vulnerabilities and underscored the risks of relying on open-source software maintained by small teams or individuals.


The increase in ransomware incidents, with 67% of organizations experiencing ransomware attacks in 2023, further emphasizes the urgency of addressing these threats. Today’s SafeDev Talk aims to illuminate these critical issues, emphasizing the need for proactive strategies to protect our software supply chains. Watch it now!

Malware Attacks Evolution - this Talk covers:



Derek Fisher

Exec. Director of Prod.
JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Luis rodriguez

Co-founder & CTO
at Xygeni


Abhilasha Sinha

Solutions Architect Walking Tree Technologies Abhilasha Sinha


Jesús Cuadrado

Chief Product Officer
at Xygeni

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