Agility and Security in the Software Supply Chain

Modern software development is a complex process that increasingly involves more actors and different components, highlighting the adoption of open source which now accounts for more than 3 billion component downloads in different repositories. The rate of code adoption is still growing at rates greater than 30% annually.

The software supply chain forms a network of interdependent organizations that allows attackers to multiply the impact of an infection and reach thousands of organizations through a single provider. 79% of organizations consider their participation in the supply chain is making them a more attractive target for cyberattacks.

If they are not adequately protected to ensure their security posture, breaches will be opened that compromise confidential data, code integrity, and CI/CD automations to distribute malware or ransomware. More than 55% of security managers expect an increase in attacks through the supply chain and the download of malware through software updates.

That’s why, on the next 15th of March we have organized a webinar where we will have Luis Rodríguez Berzosa, cybersecurity expert and CTO at Xygeni, and Javier Garzás, pioneer in Agility in Spain and LATAM, to know firsthand how to protect ourselves from these new threats that arise every day through the implementation of security in agile software development.

Agile development teams are focused on developing and releasing new technologies and capabilities to the market as soon as possible to stay ahead of their competitors. The goal is to validate each iteration as soon as possible and refine towards new ideas to improve business results. They are focused on immediacy and achieving maximum efficiency in code development.

Development teams need that freedom to focus entirely on the product, although doing so at the risk of security can have disastrous consequences and cost hundreds of millions.

The impact of cybersecurity issues is the ultimate responsibility of the CISO and their organization. It is imperative that all teams are understanding, identify the best way to integrate into the methodology and work collaboratively without interrupting the development dynamic and supporting the business.

How is development balanced with security assurance? What measures ensure secure agile developments?

In this webinar, aimed at information security managers, DevOps managers and architects, and agile development teams, we will answer these questions and many others related to:

  • Discovering why cyberattacks on the software supply chain are a real and growing threat
  • Understanding what Agile principles and practices mean for security
  • Developing security capabilities in agile teams
  • Integrating security practices into the agile development life cycle.
  • Automating security management and control of the entire software supply chain spectrum, ensuring compliance with corporate policies and standards such as NIST, Google SLSA, OpenSSF, and others.
  • Understanding all the elements that make up the software supply chain and how to trace them throughout the IT environment
  • Learning strategies and techniques to combat both new and existing software supply chain security risks
  • Creating and scaling automation frameworks for DevOps pipelines
  • Learning with examples how supply chain attacks work and why traditional tools fail to identify them
  • Understanding the actions to take to remedy different types of vulnerabilities

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