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We are pleased to share cybersecurity expert James Berthoty’s recent in-depth review of Xygeni’s Advanced Software Protection Management (ASPM) solution. Berthoty explores our innovative approach to securing the entire software development lifecycle, demonstrating how Xygeni’s ASPM goes beyond standard security features. Discover how Xygeni’s ASPM sets a new benchmark in application protection, from the initial coding stages to deployment.

Understanding Xygeni’s ASPM Approach

Xygeni stands out in the crowded ASPM market by focusing on outcomes rather than simply scanning for vulnerabilities. Unlike traditional tools that primarily categorize and detect vulnerabilities, Xygeni aims to secure the entire supply chain by integrating various security tools into a comprehensive platform. This holistic method ensures not just the detection of vulnerabilities but also the proactive prevention of security breaches.

Key Takeaways from James Berthoty’s Review

Holistic Supply Chain Security

James highlights how Xygeni goes beyond traditional CVE scanning, offering a comprehensive solution that addresses the entire lifecycle and ecosystem of software development. Our platform ensures security for every aspect of your CI/CD pipeline, from code repositories to deployment configurations.

Upstream Malware Detection
James praises Xygeni’s ability to detect malicious packages before they enter your supply chain. This proactive approach helps prevent incidents like the infamous XZ attack, where upstream repositories were compromised to distribute malware.

Dependency Graphs


James Berthoty highlights a standout feature of Xygeni’s ASPM platform: the intricate dependency graph. This powerful tool maps out every component within your CI/CD pipeline, providing granular visibility into how different parts of your application interact. This detailed view helps you trace the origins of vulnerabilities and understand their potential impact, making it an essential component of a robust security strategy.

Xygeni’s ASPM platform enhances your understanding of software asset dependencies with advanced mapping and visualization tools. These tools offer comprehensive graphs that illustrate the connections between all assets within your projects, from code to cloud. The visualizations clarify how different assets, such as repositories, components, pipelines, and cloud resources, interact within and across CI/CD environments.

The dependency graph view is crucial for identifying potential risk propagation paths and vulnerability exploit points within your systems. Xygeni’s visualization capabilities include robust filtering options, allowing users to easily navigate complex graphs and focus on specific asset types or relationships. This feature aids in risk assessment and enhances the ability to pinpoint critical areas requiring immediate attention.

By providing a detailed, dynamic view of your software’s dependency landscape, Xygeni empowers your team to proactively manage risks and maintain a strong security posture throughout the development and deployment lifecycle.

Why It’s Important:

  • Granular Visibility: Understand how different components interact and identify where vulnerabilities originate.
  • Risk Propagation Paths: Spot potential paths for risk propagation and address them before they become issues.
  • Focused Filtering: Navigate complex graphs with ease, focusing on specific asset types or relationships that matter most.
  • Proactive Management: Pinpoint critical areas for immediate attention, ensuring robust security throughout your CI/CD pipeline.

Xygeni’s advanced dependency graph feature is a game-changer for managing the intricate web of dependencies in modern software development. By integrating this powerful tool into your security strategy, you can achieve a higher level of control and confidence in your software’s integrity and security.

Comprehensive CI/CD Security


James demonstrates how Xygeni detects unusual activities, such as unexpected changes to critical files or the introduction of unreviewed binaries. Xygeni’s alerts are designed to catch issues like dangerous workflows or anomalous activity that traditional scanners might miss, providing an added layer of security.

Holistic Security Metrics
James highlights that Xygeni doesn’t just scan for known issues; it also assesses the overall health of your repositories and pipelines. By analyzing factors like the presence of signed commits, the use of MFA, and compliance with security best practices, Xygeni ensures a robust security posture across your entire development lifecycle.

Real-World Application

In the video, Berthoty provided a real-world example of a complex repository with multiple submodules, third-party code, and various deployment configurations. Xygeni’s tools seamlessly integrated into this environment, highlighting potential security gaps and offering actionable insights to secure the pipeline.

Continuous Improvement and New Features at Xygeni

At Xygeni, we always improve our products and have added new features to our pioneering ASPM solutions. The Trailblazing Application Security Posture Management Award we received at the 2024 RSA Conference is a testament to our innovation and excellence. This accolade celebrates our forward-thinking integration of real-time threat detection and comprehensive security tools.

Dynamic Prioritization of Vulnerabilities

One of Xygeni’s standout features is its advanced dynamic prioritization. Unlike standard methods, Xygeni allows extensive customization through dynamic funnels. Organizations can define up to eight stages in their prioritization funnel, considering factors like severity, issue type, and category. This flexibility ensures your team focuses on the highest-risk vulnerabilities tailored to your specific security policies and operational needs.

Integration with Third-Party Security Tools

Xygeni integrates reports from various third-party security tools, including Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools. This integration consolidates and correlates data from multiple sources, providing a unified view of security threats and enhancing threat detection and remediation efficiency.

Why Choose Xygeni’s ASPM?

  • Comprehensive Visibility: Our automated asset discovery and inventory management provide a solid foundation for robust security management.
  • Contextual Prioritization: Advanced dynamic prioritization capabilities ensure that your team focuses on the most critical vulnerabilities.
  • Unified Security Dashboard: Consolidates findings from various tools into a single, comprehensive dashboard for easy monitoring and analysis.
  • Enhanced Threat Detection: Combines data from multiple sources for a complete assessment of security risks.
  • Efficient Remediation: Enables quicker and more coordinated responses to security issues.

Experience Xygeni Firsthand

Xygeni’s ASPM platform revolutionizes supply chain security with its holistic approach, dynamic prioritization, and seamless integration with third-party tools. As highlighted by James Berthoty, our platform not only enhances visibility and control but also ensures comprehensive and precise security measures.

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