Do You Need ASPM in Your Life?

Join us for an exclusive episode of SafeDev Talks, featuring leading cybersecurity experts James Berthoty, William Palm, and Jesús Cuadrado. Dive into the rapidly evolving world of Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) and discover how it can fortify your organization’s defenses.

Why Attend?

🔸 Understand ASPM: Demystify its functionalities – is it just advanced vulnerability management or something more?

🔸 Integration into SDLC: Learn the importance of embedding security early to protect sensitive data and meet compliance.

🔸 Future of ASPM: Explore how ASPM tools are adapting to support DevSecOps and how they will evolve to counter new threats.


🔸 Insightful Definitions and Practical Steps: Learn how to create a Minimum Viable ASPM (MV-ASPM).

🔸 Real-World Success Stories: Hear lessons learned from organizations that have effectively implemented ASPM.

🔸 Engaging Panel Discussions: Discuss the balance between human expertise and AI in securing applications.

Whether you’re a seasoned security professional or just keen to learn more about cybersecurity, this talk will provide valuable insights into how a robust ASPM strategy can lead to secure, compliant, and future-proof applications.

Meet the Experts:

William Palm
Application Security (AppSec) Solutions Architect at Tenable
William helps clients of all sizes improve their application security posture by combining industry best practices with his practical experience.

James Berthoty
With over 10 years in technology across engineering and security roles, James is an early advocate for DevSecOps. He has a passion for driving security teams as contributors to products and built Latio Tech to help connect people with the right products.

Jesus Cuadrado
CPO of Xygeni
Jesus specializes in developing cybersecurity products that address customer needs through modern technology. With a strong background in marketing, product management, and strategy, he leverages innovation to ensure safety and results.

Don’t Miss Out!

This episode of SafeDev Talks is a must-listen for anyone interested in enhancing their cybersecurity strategies with ASPM. Secure your spot and gain the knowledge needed to protect your applications in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

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