Use Cases

Governance and compliance

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Governance and compliance

Security requirements and regulations can be challenging to govern due to the rapid proliferation of software. This issue is exacerbated when R&D teams lack awareness of company policies or compliance regulations and don’t consider them when pushing code into production. 

This misalignment within the organisation leads to a security vacuum, with potential gaps in internal governance and uncertainty about compliance with industry standards. Xygeni supports organisations through:

Customizable Corporate Policies

Xygeni allows organisations to build customised policies to the organisation’s specifications or choose from options provided out of the box. Organisations can establish the mandatoriness and severity of each check based on their criteria according to the type of finding, SDLC phase, or business criticality.


Ensure Compliance with Built-In Frameworks

The tool supports built-in compliance frameworks like CIS, NIST, OpenSSF, Enduring Security Framework (ESF), OWASP Top 10 and more in the near future. These frameworks enable compliance teams to continuously monitor, report on, and improve compliance across different clouds, business units, and teams.


Effortlessly pass audits

Automating compliance validation and reporting throughout the DevOps lifecycle can make the audit process smoother and more efficient. Xygeni automation reduces manual efforts and potential errors, facilitating evidence and more straightforward and successful audits.


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