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Xygeni Security Platform

Provides businesses with complete visibility and control over their software supply chain, enabling them to assess risks, prioritize critical components, and improve their security posture efficiently and cost-effectively.

Full Visibility & control

Assess the security posture of all of the components in your SDLC effortlessly using the automatic inventory and assessment capabilities of Xygeni.

Prevention & Remediation

Systematically prevent and remediate risks everywhere in the Software Supply Chain, including open-source packages, pipelines, artefacts, runtime assets and infrastructure.

Attack Detection

Integrating anomaly detection is a proactive measure to safeguard your business operations by identifying unusual patterns indicating emerging threats.

Continuous compliance & SBOM

Ensures that an organisation’s software development processes and providers align with corporate policies and other stringent industry regulations.

Platform Overview

Comprehensive asset inventory

Complete visibility into all software development ecosystems and enable informed decisions for asset protection.

Automated asset discovery

Enhance visibility over software projects by cataloguing all artefacts, resources, and dependencies to assess their security posture and potential vulnerabilities.

Security Posture

Deep understanding of potential threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks, supporting effective implementation of preventive and mitigative measures.

Full visibility & Control

Prevention & Remediation

Open-source malware detection

Open-source malware detection identifies risky components, malware, and suspect patterns in dependencies and minimises the window of opportunity for attackers.

CI/CD security Improvement

Improves CI/CD security by detecting weak configurations in the software supply chain’s pipelines, infrastructure, or runtime environment

IaC protection

IaC protection ensures secure infrastructure deployment by enforcing security policies and preventing security issues from reaching production.

Code Tampering Prevention

Ensure the integrity of critical files and prompt unauthorised modifications enforcing security and build procedures.

Identify Suspicious Behaviour

Proactively identify risky or suspicious user actions and provides automated real-time alerts.

Attack Detection

Continuous Compliance & SBOM

Security Policy Enforcement

Continuously monitors delivery systems, applications, tools, and teams to comply with corporate software delivery security policies and practices.

Standard adherence

Systematic enforcement of standards like CIS Software SSC, OWASP, OpenSSF, SLSA, etc., throughout the software development process.

Software Bill of Materials

Track the provenance of all components in your software product and inspect their detailed information for continuous assessing application risk.

Use Cases Spotlight

Explore real-world scenarios and innovative solutions that highlight Xygeni’s skill in managing SSCS complexities, ensuring comprehensive security and optimized performance.

Asset discovery, inventory and security posture classification

This process is vital for organizations to stay current amidst CI/CD agility and cloud infrastructure, preventing confusion and noise.

Prioritised and contextual threat management

Security and Appsec teams prioritize genuine risks to critical assets, avoiding distractions from numerous, often duplicate, vulnerabilities.

Integrity and security of product releases

Ensuring only trusted builds reach production, preserving software supply chain integrity and asset security using SBOMs and PBOMs.

CI/CD Workflow Automation

Incorporating security measures into your software pipeline is key for preventing security debt and automatically warding off threats during development.

Governance and compliance

Governance and compliance can be challenging amid rapid software development. Xygeni aids organizations to align policies, ensure compliance, and fill security gaps.

Executive reporting and monitoring

Executives need relevant, real-time data to assess software supply chain security effectiveness. Xygeni provides robust reporting and monitoring capabilities to address this.

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