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Supply chain Security
Protect the integrity and security of your software assets, pipelines and infrastructure of the entire software supply chain

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Xygeni products Coverage

SDLC Vector Attacks

& Xygeni Products

Xygeni SDLC Pipeline Products-min
  • Submission of bad code, malware or infra configuration
  • Malicious Dependencies
  • - Attacks exploiting SDLC vulnerabilities
  • - Impersonation
  • - Enforce security policies
  • - Regulatory compliance
  • - Observability & Control
  • - Risk Assessment
  • - Prioritization
  • - Bypass CI-CD
  • - Usage bad package & artefacts
  • - Compromised repositories
  • - Compromise SCM & CI/CD platform
  • - Tampering of critical files

Xygeni products Coverage

SLDC Vector Attacks

& Xygeni Products

Xygeni Platform View per user

Xygeni Platform View per user

Asset Discovery & Inventory

Enable continuous asset discovery and inventory management for clear, updated visibility and security classification in a fast-paced CI/CD and cloud environment.

Governance & Compliance

Enhance security governance and compliance with customizable policies, built-in frameworks, and automated audit processes.

Executive Reporting & Monitoring

Real-time insights and comprehensive reports for informed executive decision-making on software supply chain security.


DevOps and DevSecOps Manager View

Asset Discovery, Inventory & Security Posture Classification

Continuous asset discovery and classification for enhanced security posture, risk assessment, and gap detection.

Prioritised & Contextual Threat Management

Transforming threat overload into actionable insights with prioritised risk management and real-time threat tracking.

Secure the build process with provenance, attestation and SBOM integration

Automatically generating SBOMs and diverse attestations directly from the CI pipeline, ensuring release integrity and provenance validation for artifacts.


Customizing corporate policies to tailor governance according to organizational specifications and security needs.

Manage Risk In Real-Time

Continuous monitoring with scanners and sensors for immediate notification and action on threats or suspicious activities.

Enforcing Security Policies

Identifying unintended build components and monitoring for attacks, ensuring all workloads are from secure, trusted sources.

CI/CD Workflow Automation

Embedding security into software pipelines to block threats early, with integration at various stages for proactive protection.

Developer View

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