Secure your Software Development and Delivery

Enhance your ASPM through comprehensive risk assessment, strategic prioritization, and protection against attacks and malware infection throughout your Software Supply Chain

Secure your Software Development and Delivery funnel detection

Top Companies Trust Us with Their Software Supply Chain Security


Detect, Prioritize and Remediate

Unified visibility of risks from code to cloud, focus on the most critical vulnerabilities, and rapid remediation to save time and money

Get visibility and control

Map all SDLC assets, including repositories, pipelines, teams, packages, and infrastructure, organized by their relationships and business importance

Prioritize from code to cloud

Correlate security alerts and prioritize risks, considering the full context of the Software Supply Chain

Accelerate Remediation

Focus on the most critical risks and quickly remediate them with targeted, actionable guidance to speed up resolution

Core Solution

Application Security Posture Management (ASPM)

Gain full control of your risks on Xygeni Security's exclusive ASPM Platform.

Map Your Entire Software Supply Chain Assets

Display all software assets and their security risks in one dashboard, providing full context and essential insights into application vulnerabilities from code to cloud.
ASPM Funnel

Remove Noise and Prioritize Critical Security Risks

Prioritize and assess risks effectively by using any context criteria such as exploitability, severity, proximity to production, and other custom business attributes, all through from a centralized control point.

Real-Time Malicious Package Detection

Xygeni Open Source Security proactively shields your applications and developers from malicious packages.

Detect Malicious Code in Packages Instantly

Scan and block malicious code in every new and updated packages upon publication, protecting your application development process.

Block Software Supply Chain Attacks

Detect and stop zero-day malware in open-source packages with Xygeni's Early Warning, protecting your applications and infrastructure from these threats.

Xygeni Security Product Suite

Reduce tool overload and context switching, improve visibility and context awareness, and ensure comprehensive security coverage of the entire development lifecycle


A single control plane for risks. Visibility, prioritization, and remediation across your modern applications and software supply chains.

Open Source Security

Identify Questionable Dependencies And Malicious Code That May Compromise Software Projects.

Software Supply Chain Security (SSCS)

CI/CD Security: Insecure Configuration, Pipeline Security, Build Attestation, SSCS Compliance.

Anomaly Detection

Real-Time Detection And Alerting Of Anomalous Activity That May Cause Or Be A Precursor To An Attack.

Secrets Security

Identify Secrets Throughout The Entire SDLC And Prevent New Secrets Included In Coding, Building And Delivery Actions.

IAC Security

Ensure Security And Integrity Of IaC Templates To Avoid Replicating Vulnerabilities At Scale.

Recognition and Awards

Secure your Software Development and Delivery

with Xygeni Product Suite

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