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Hardcoded Secrets Detection

Fixed secrets reveal paths to critical assets and allow attackers to unravel protective layers quickly. Xygeni identifies secrets throughout your SDLC and supports preventing new secrets included in coding, building and delivery actions.

Hardcoded Secret Scanning

Discover any fixed credentials, such as API keys, encryption keys, tokens, passwords, etc, in source code, configurations and built artefacts. The system’s secret validators will only trigger alerts for valid secrets posing a real threat.


Terminate secrets exposure

Integrating with git hooks, the system actively scans for secrets whenever they are added to any branch. Developers get instant feedback and can address potential security risks immediately, avoiding or minimising exposure time.

Enforce Zero hardcoded secrets

The platform provides valuable insights into following the patterns and distribution of hardcoded secrets. It supports you with tools to manage leaked secrets, including guidelines on how to mitigate or rectify them.