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CI/CD Security

Continuous Deployment (CD) works closely with Continuous Integration (CI) to automatically deploy code to production quickly and frequently. Harness the power of early risk detection and fortified CI/CD security with a cutting-edge platform to protect your critical business operations.

Preventing Vulnerabilities

Identify risks sooner than ever by automatically extracting vital data from existing tools, workflows and infrastructure the organisation uses and easily and efficiently monitor the end-to-end CI/CD configurations that impact security. Prevent insecure configuration and ensure that your software supply chain remains steadfastly secure.

Strengthen Practices and Authentication

Xygeni enforces the implementation of robust authentication protocols such as MFA or SSO and recommends security practices such as branch protection mechanisms, code reviews or usage of security tools.


Least Privilege

Review user privileges throughout your entire SDLC, including access to code repositories and other tools and varying levels of permissions like read, write, user, and admin. Implement least privilege policies and separation of duties to minimise security threats.